About Us

Wowabruzzo is born, the Abruzzo tourism brand that gets online to compete in national and international markets. The new brand comes to life from the will of Sangritana SpA and the consortium of tour operators Riviera del Sole, promoted by Confesercenti Abruzzo, to systematize their long-term experience in the sector and a radical and widespread knowledge of the Abruzzo territory, in order to increase the competitiveness and promote the territorial tourism system. The new joint venture has chosen to promote incoming by creating a network of synergies with sector operators who have project ideas capable of making the most of our extraordinary land.

What do we do

We are a creative and dynamic team that with passion and professionalism aims at the tourist enhancement of the region through the creation of tailor-made experiential travel packages in close contact with people, the territory and local traditions.

We propose a tourism model based on authenticity, offering true and genuine experiences. A philosophy that allows access to alternative destinations, guaranteeing an immersion in the local place and culture, satisfying the desire to merge with it. Authentic experiences from which to return with an enriched and renewed cultural and spiritual background.

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